History of our company

The company APEX-Schleifmittel GmbH + Co. KG was established in the year 1925 through Hermann Reimann in Sonneberg/Thüringen and this was the location up to the year 1949. From 1950 to 1952, the company was resident in Obersiemau. In this time the reconstruction took place in 91301 Forchheims. Into the year 1952, the production started in Forchheim and is – after several structural expansions – up to the present-day here resident.

In the initially-years, the production-main focus was hand-abrasive – therefore abrasive-stones and –files – frequently also from nature-stone. “Belgischer Brocken” or “Thüringer Wasserabziehstein” is known to even many users today and a concept. In the 50-er and 60-er years, the production-main focus transferred itself – mainly caused by the use of synthetically produced abrasive-materials as well as the use of polishers with drive-direction grinding-wheels, which can now be produced precisely on the basis of the diverse material-possibilities after tidings-wish as well as application-purpose. Of course, the same possibilities, through which increased itself the production-program very much and covers a wide field of the area ” bows ” in the present-day design, emerged for the hand-abrasives.

The owners of the company changed in the course of the years many times, the company however always remained in family-property. After the death of Hermann Reimann, his son, Egon Reimann was the leader of the company and he adopted the management to Heinz Langguth, son-in-law of the originator. In this time, also the change of the company-name took place – from Hermann Reimann & Co., then Egon Reimann & Co. – into APEX-Schleifmittel resp. APEX-Schleifmittel GmbH+Co. KG: product-name and company-name became one unit. The two sons of Heinz Langguth – Karl-Heinz and Jürgen Langguth – draw today for the company responsibly.

Until 09.08.2018 – on this day died Karl-Heinz Langguth, technician and ceramist in our company. The production had to be discontinued in the meantime. However, we are currently trying to assist our customers in their needs for abrasives within our capabilities.