Soft elastic abrasives

APEX-soft elastic abrasive are abrasive bodies which consist predominantly of silicon carbide bonded in an elastic palstic material. These abrasive bodies can be delivered as rectangular blocks and as dics. The rectangular block – which can be also called cleaning block, is mainly used for cleaning and improving the surface of different materials, ranging from steel, through plastics, wood, leather an so on. E. g. due to this treatment the graduated scale on a measuring instrument can be made easily legible again.

Grinding wheels, due to its soft elastic bonds, are suitable for the improving of the surface, they are also suitable for the dressing of cutting tools. It is not allowed to exceed the  maximum allowable peripheral speed of 20m/sec  of each soft elastic abrasive disc. Please follow the indicated rotational speed on each flange. The diameter of the mounting flange has to be 2/3 of diameter´s disc. The grinding wheels are available wtih the common diameters ranging to 200 mm and also different widths and with different broreholes.

The advantages of soft elastic abrasives are that they are able to adjust itself to the surface, one is working on. Therefore surfaces which aren´t plan are processed easily. Even fillets are processe easily.

Please keep the size notation in the correct order: Diameter x width x borehole